Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First Stop: Korea

We thought we'd start off the blog by giving you the info on a great ethnic food culture that's a mystery to most people in this country. There's a big soft spot on our palettes when it comes to Korean food. Most people think of Korean food involving mostly Kimchi(a fermented cabbage), but there's so much more than that!

Korean food is dominated by a combination of rice, vegetables, and meat dishes. Rice is the staple food of Asia, meat dishes are always great to any carnivore, and the vegetables are often fermented or pickled for side dishes and other various dishes. At the same time, Korea is also a peninsula dominated on three sides by water, so seafood can play a heavy role into certain dishes. With a wonderful unique taste to its food, Korean food can always be light, delightful, and expertly satisfying. At the same time, it is dominated by a variety of seasonings, from soy sauce, garlic, soybean paste(called doenjang, it's really quite good), and chili pastes. Because of these, Korean food can often be spicy and pungent, but never overbearing. Korean food never leaves you wanting, but only wanting for more.

We're gonna take you on a walk through a simple Korean dinner you can order at any Korean restaurant that you won't regret. There's nothing exotic to it, nor is it something only for the brave. They're standard dishes anyone would be willing to try, but few know about it unless they're versed in Korean cuisine. So get ready for some damned good Korean food!

UP NEXT : Banchan - The Side Dishes

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