Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fried Rice Cake

Unlike the last two dishes, Fried Rice cakes may seem somewhat odd and unfamiliar at first. It's not really normal rice and not really noodles, then what is it? Well it's made of glutinous rice (sticky rice), is somewhat chewy, and has a texture almost like the thick noodles used in the noodle soups at Joe's Shanghai. The rice is grounded and turned into a paste. The paste is shaped and cut up into pieces. Alone, it does not have much flavor, but there is a generous amount of good seasoning here.

The fried rice cake dish includes some greens, mushrooms, bamboo, and beef. The beef can be substituted with Pork, Chicken, Vegetables, Shrimp, Seafood, or Subgum. I prefer the beef or the pork. It's also a little more expensive for the shrimp, seafood, or subgum.

The texture from the rice cakes combined with the seasoning and the other ingredients creates a very fulfilling dish that you will not regret. The dish may look very strange and different from what you may usually think of when you think of Chinese food, but its nothing more then rice in a different shape. So give it a try!


Jessica said...

Sounds very different and nice..would love to come back for more.Cheers!!Jessica

jrpjazz said...

This is one of my alltime favorite chinese food dishes. It's my chinese comfort food. The best!

H3NR7 said...

Rice Cakes are the best. A similar taste to flat noodles but with a more satisfying biting texture.

Excellent Dumpling on Lafayette Street in Chinatown/NYC makes excellent beef fried rice cakes too.